Quality / Safety / Environment

SEA, a company in the ETEX Group, has a number of core values.  These include customer satisfaction and awareness, innovation, individual commitment, teamwork and mutual respect.  Our top priorities are Quality, Safety and respect for the Environment.

Our company’s management staff ensures that these priorities go beyond merely following the regulations.  They are integrated into every level of the organization and comply with both the ETEX Group’s policies and the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 standards, ensuring that we continue to improve on our success.

At SEA, we set ourselves objectives in these three areas, and monitor them carefully:



  • Evaluate customer satisfaction using regular surveys.
  • Meet delivery deadlines.
  • Analyze and control every process malfunction using reviews, internal audits, supplier and sub-contractor evaluations and indicator oversight.
  • Spread this policy to every member of the SEA team, to the ETEX Group and to all concerned parties, ensuring that it is fully understood at every level of the organization.

Health and Safety

  • Create and implement an annual improvement plan which includes the requirements set by the ETEX Group.
  • Identify and evaluate the risks and implement all measures necessary for the health and safety of our employees.
  • Meet the “zero accident” target by raising awareness amongst our personnel and sub-contractors.
  • Prioritize preventive measures over corrective action by analyzing and responding to people’s experience at SEA 


  • Raise awareness among both personnel and sub-contractors about the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard.
  • Reduce air pollution by limiting the use of Volatile Organic Compounds in our products.
  • Reduce the amount of water we use.
  • Improve our energy efficiency by applying the requirements outlined in ISO 50001.

Thanks to the involvement of our entire team, we can meet these objectives and achieve success.