SEA (Etex Group) designs, develops, produces and markets paints and adhesives for the industrial and construction sector:

  • Paints and varnishes for fibre cement
  • Paints and varnishes for concrete tiles
  • Industrial adhesives
  • for concrete tiles
  • Industrial adhesives

SEA’s sales of paints and adhesives to the industrial sector are proof of the technical superiority of our products and our ability to adapt them to different application systems.

As with many other groups in other areas of industry, SEA has had to face a series of major changes over the past twenty years.  SEA has moved with these shifts and often even predicted them, enabling us to maintain the advantage and keep us strong and profitable.

Our sales department’s ethos is this: SEA must be an effective partner for our clients and help them to grow, listen to any worries they may have and aid their development.

Our plan to diversify our roof renovation product range, started in 1979, is based on expanding our range and increasing our distribution.  To help us achieve this, we’ve been relying on our network of Approved Applicators.

To find out more, feel free to watch the videos on our YouTube channel.


Company history

  • 1962: creation and launch of our bitumen-based adhesives for resilient flooring
  • 1965: industrial solvent-based fiber cement paints
  • 1969: industrial water-based fiber cement paints
  • 1976: SEA becomes part of the French ETERNIT Group
  • 1978: paints and varnishes for concrete tiles
  • 1994: the French Group joins the Belgian ETERNIT Group
  • 1995: ETERNIT Group becomes the ETEX Group
  • 2012 : 50 year SEA's birthday
  • 2015 : Laung the floor resin system.